the entire mage versus templar conflict can be pretty much summed up in: [anders voice] not all mages [cullen voice] not all templars

and [fenris voice] YES ALL MAGES (except for hawke maybe)

anders literally just said “not all mages”

my aunt asked my mom what i was doing because i’m on a gap year and she said “well she’s incredibly passionate about aliens”

missamonkira said:

WAIT! WHAT WERE THE EVENTS YOU CHOSE BEFORE? like the choices with the lands meet? sorry for sounding urgent i just don’t want Alistair to do the ritual with Morrigan bc I’m playing as a female warden romancing alistair! D:

you need to have loghain killed at the landsmeet so you can bring alistair with you and then you need to tell morrigan that you won’t agree to the ritual then you leave alistair at the denerim city gates and right before the fort drakon rooftop you add loghain to your party with a console command and he’ll ask for your permission to kill the archdemon and you let him and yea that’s it. though idk if it works that way if you didn’t make alistair king 

Video Game Meme / Seven Games [7/7] → Mass Effect 1

no it’s not a glitch i left alistair at the denerim city gates and right before you get to the archdemon i added loghain to my party via console so he died instead of me alistair even says he has no idea how i survived after the coronation and that he doesn’t know what to tell the orlesians that’s why i wanna know what morrigan has to say about that